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White Birch Gourmet is a local foodservice and retail sales, consulting and distribution company. We partner with New Hampshire and regional food entrepreneurs and manufacturers dedicated to making great-tasting and affordable food products that meet the needs of chefs and managers.


Our consultative sales approach is based on creating opportunities to be a good resource for you... finding ways to help you make more profit, have more control of your business, and make your work life easier. We distribute foods and specialty products to fine restaurants and hotels, schools and colleges, hospitals and health care facilities, gourmet shops and retail food establishments, caterers and business customers...


Vendors work closely with White Birch Gourmet to ensure our customers receive only highest quality products. We treat each of our vendors as a member of our team and hold them to the same standards to which we hold ourselves and employees. We value our vendors' commitment to good manufacturing practices, food safety, using all-natural ingredients, and constantly work with them to improve sales and develop great new products.

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373 South Willow St.     /   Suite 290     /   Manchester, NH 03103     /   Sales: 603.325.8985    /    Customer Service 603.782.5643

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